Jackpots at Eldorado Casino

Eldorado Casino is famous for offering some of the best jackpots around and a large number of people have struck it rich playing there. In fact, in the few short years since the casino opened its doors in 2010 hundreds of people have reportedly won massive amounts of money.

Jackpot Games

There are more than 1,200 different slot machine games to choose from at Eldorado casino and the variety that is available for gamers to choose from is very impressive. These include some of the top progressive slot machines around and gamers are given much more for their money when they play at Eldorado Casino. Whether you prefer three, four or five reel slot machines or video poker slots, there is sure to be plenty to keep jackpot hungry players entertained.

Special Progressive Games

People who have their sights set on really winning big are sure to find that the jackpots are much larger with the progressive games that are available to choose from. One of the most popular progressive games around is Megabucks, which offers a huge jackpot that is sure to impress. Other popular progressive games include Texas Tea Tango, Wheel of Fortune and Wizard of Oz.

What you Could Win

Of course, the jackpots that are available to score are constantly changing and being added to, especially when it comes to progressive games. Here is an overview of what is waiting to be scooped up right now:

  • Megabucks – the current jackpot total stands at a staggering $10,572,032, which is certainly nothing to sniff at.
  • $5 Wheel of Fortune – more than a million dollars could be yours in an instant if you hit the jackpot while playing this popular game.
  • Sherlock Holmes – the world’s most famous detective is ready to help players win more than a million dollars.
Eldorado Casino:
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